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"We Don't discuss it Enough!" August 28/2021

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

My name is Brenda L. Moore. I am a former Educator and a Newly Published Author of the Book "Walking in the Shadow of a Schizophrenic / Power of Forgiveness." My inspiration for writing this blog is due to my personal experience with a specific mental disorder, schizophrenia, and people want to hear from those who will be transparent in sharing their stories.

Mental disorders are prevalent and can visit anyone regardless of age, gender or status. Mental illness resonates with most but is secretive because of shame, guilt, etc. It's visible in our homes, churches, communities, workplaces, schools, and businesses, etc. Perhaps you know of a friend, an individual, family member, or a co-worker coping with a mental disorder. I want to encourage others by sharing some "key points" I believe will aid in daily coping with a mental disorder.

  1. Acknowledgment - Accepting the fact that mental illness is a part of you.

  2. Diagnosis - Seek a reliable DR., and get an accurate diagnosis.

  3. Education - you can make better decisions when you know what you are dealing with and know what your triggers are?

  4. Group Discussions/Therapy - Communicate with others who have the same mental disability or a similar disability.

  5. Family - know that family support is everything!

  6. Consistency - I believe the ability to function and to live a somewhat functional life is maintaining a routine and taking medications regularly.

How do I know the six key points are purposeful for helping to thrive with mental illness? I've been where you are! I want to share my experience with others through my writing. Please share this information with your social network and all whom you know have an interest in mental health.

Mental Health / Schizophrenia

"Walking in the Shadow of a Schizophrenic / Power of Forgiveness."

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