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Updated: Oct 9, 2022

In reading various comments from authors who courageously have written, and published their life stories, I observed them feel some type of way after the fact, due to family anger, shame, and disappointment: Family, whose reactions were to no longer speak, to distancing themselves.

I can relate to their concerns and dilemmas. After writing my story, I had fewer responses from my family, which can lead to personal assumptions. I believe when an author is writing about a particular season in their life, inevitably involving others; undoubtedly, before and after, there is a period of self-reflection, self-scrutiny, and feeling guilty due to feeling the possible assumptions of biased perspectives. At some point and time during the writing process, you become your judge, jury, and prosecutor.

Becoming a Newly Published Author caused me conflicting emotions. I questioned-do I include/exclude certain relatives and friends in my narrative? Will I offend or hurt? I ponder whether there will be misunderstandings or misinterpretations of what I try to convey. I rehearsed the rules of writing to avoid possible lawsuits, even among family. The intensity of my thoughts delayed me from writing for 15 years.

The Spirit wouldn’t leave me to myself. In retrospect, I began to speak my mind positively about why I should be transparent. Each typed word led to clarity and gave me confidence. I couldn’t withhold vital information contributing to the authenticity of my story: Information that would draw in my audience and help them connect with the events and the characters. I question the fairness to my readers to make my story less meaningful to save fate with family.

First and foremost, writing my story was a higher calling; taking ownership and taking responsibility for what I was to write and my objectives-built fortitude. I can do this! There was a unique calmness as I gave careful thought as to what was more important: To stress over the accusations, perspectives, condemnations, and reactions of the prerogatives of people or to write my story to inspire, to give a ray of hope, and healing; to bring awareness to those feeling they have to suffer alone in their circumstances.

Not everyone will appreciate your hard work or candor voice in writing. Many will read your story and miss the fact that in our humanness, there are imperfections. We all have some regrettable mistakes in our past. Your narrative will have an influence on the readers for whom it's intended. Honesty leaves no room for the Lion/Lioness to open its mouth. "People can tear you down, but they can only tear you down with your truth.”

Abraham Maslow's description of self-actualization is the process of becoming everything you are capable of becoming. Kim Egel, a therapist, explains it as the ability to become the best version of yourself. If writing your narrative is the start of a dream, a vision, coming into who you are, by all means, write your story! Transparency depicted who I was and portrayed my spiritual character during the storms from childhood to adulthood; the epitome of survival.

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