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"All Aboard" December 29, 2021

Who knows what life's next chapter will be? Laozi Tzu said, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." I will inevitably embark upon a journey! A journey destined to be anew, abundant, and a place where I have never gone.

I reminisce an old Negro Spiritual - People Get Ready. ["People get ready; there's a journey coming. All you need is faith to get on board. Faith is the key, to beginning your journey. All you need in advance is to thank the Lord!]

Not the original lyrics and I own no rights to this song.

The year of 1983, three months into my marriage, I found out my ex was diagnosed with Chronic Paranoid Schizophrenia. It was an unexpected journey and a place of uncertainty. Toiling through my ordeal, I learned if I grasped the lessons learned, if I was patient in times of pain, humiliation, and times of unpredictability, and if I held on to grace/my faith, I could press through.

Each journey with its level plains and valleys is the path to something broader God has planned for our life: A life of renewal, a life of abundance, a life of higher achievements, etc. Who would have thought that the end of a second marital journey would entail me writing a manuscript that would mirror my life publicly? Who would have thought that after writing, literally, I would publish the manuscript?

Who would have thought I would become involved in the NAMI Program (National Alliance on Mental Illness - State organizations/Local NAMI Affiliates) to become a NAMI Presenter an Advocator for mental health?

I am embarking upon a new journey for 2022. With the Lord, I am looking forward to new opportunities, new doors opening. There is no need to inquire about the wheres, hows, whys, and when. What I'll be doing, or what will be the end, is in the hands of the "Omnipotent and the Omniscient One." I ask only for guidance and clarity to walk in faith and in the direction he points. I will ponder the following scripture passages as I get on board my journey for 2022.

Proverbs says, ["Trust in the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind; lean not to your understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him. He will direct your path."

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

God told Israel, "Be strong and courageous; be careful to do {everything} following the law of Moses. Don't turn from the right or to the left, so that you may prosper and be successful wherever you go.]

Joshua 1:7-9 (NIV)

"God is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore." The passages of scriptures apply today. We are to carefully do all of God's commands and allow his Holy Spirit to direct our way in all things. I will ponder the above scripture passages as I get on board my journey for 2022.

"Fortified faith comes with a trail of trials"

"I relied totally on God to protect me from the invisible."

Website: Why Couldn't I See?

Walking in the Shadow of A Schizophrenic / Power of Forgiveness'

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