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"Sharing My Mental State" August 29/2021

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

For some, it is difficult to speak on mental illness. Mental health has longevity of negative history. Even today in our community's MI bears stigmas of shame, embarrassment, guilt, and blame. I for one am under the impression if mental illness is treated with the same concern, empathy, financial funding as any other physical disease/ailment, perchance people will be more apt to share their emotions, to acknowledge their mental issues to a friend, a family member, in the workplace, at school; and will also seek professional help.

There is no place for negative criticism or harsh judgment. Priscilla Shirer, a Bible Teacher who enjoys bringing scripture to life has this to say. T["I wish I'd known then what I know now- what the Lord helped me to discover. Maybe when those unexpected circumstances surprised me, it would've been to corral my untamed, unruly emotions. Maybe the twist of life wouldn't have caused such a twist in my heart, making me so severe and unforgiving. Perhaps I would've recognized God's unseen hand in all of it and would've met the frustration/disappointment with a wink or smirk, knowing God was behind it all."]

Priscilla Shirer referred to the problems/issues that come into our life as "interruptions."

Interruption is a stoppage, discontinuity, or hindering of an activity, a break in the continuity of something. Meriam Webster Dictionary

Life can be good, and then sudden calamities come, and life is never the same. Mental illness is undoubtedly one of life's interruptions. However, not all is hopeless. There are resources, support, therapy groups, medical attention.

"Walking in the Shadow of a Schizophrenic / Power of Forgiveness."

Mental Health/Schizophrenia

Genre: Memoir/autobiography/mental health account

Website: Kindle E-book Nook

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