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I Got an Adrenalin Rush!

When the Holy Spirit spoke, “why don’t you write about your life?” Years I contemplated the thought as well as the source from which those words were spoken.  Do I really want to put myself out there?  Could I handle the assumptions, biases and judgments, surely to come?  Do I want to expose my children’s pain?  Of course the big one was, if I expose my life can I bear up under the shame?  Excuses, apprehensiveness and time came and went.

It took approximately fifteen years to pour out my soul on paper.  However the exposure of sharing my life’s story to encourage and to support others so that they will not make the same mistakes, to be cautious, and to investigate before bringing someone into your children lives, superseded all the uncertainty, negative emotions, and shame.   

 On my birth date, June, 22 of 2016, I awoke around 11:30 AM, and the Spirit spoke to my spirit.  I asked.   Lord is you saying it’s time for me to write this book? After a period of pondering, I could no longer lie there!  At noon, I arose from my bed as fast as my feeble body allowed, set up a table and began writing my story.  God had already spoken to me the title awhile back, “Walking in the Shadow of a Schizophrenic.”  I began jotting down my memories, exploring chapter titles and brainstorming the introduction.   Thoughts were flooding my mind quicker than my fingers could write!  It was then that the Lord spoke to me the subtitle, “Power of Forgiveness.” That’s what this book is really about, I thought!

Like the Patriarch Abraham, whom was clueless to where God was leading him; but he acted on faith.  So it was with me.  Year after year I committed to write, and too edit over and over; not knowing how, where or when I was to fund the manuscript.  I trusted God was in this, and that He was going to make it happen.

 Only God’s timing.  On April 14, 2021, I signed the Publishing Contract.  WISOS / POF became a reality.  If God purposes you to take on an assignment, he’ll not only fix the hearts of all involved, equip and guide, but will bring it to pass.  Last, for everyone who will read my story, I pray it will bring comfort, peace and healing.  May the reflection of Jesus Christ, the moving of the Holy Spirit, and the power of forgiveness in the lives of me and my children become transparent to every Reader?

“Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, soul and mind; lean not to your own understanding, but in all thy ways, acknowledge Him and he will direct your path.” 

Proverbs 3: 5-6

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